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Benefits to bundling your insurance and potential savings

There are many ways to save on your insurance, and one of the simplest is "bundling" your insurance policies, like home and auto. At Vaughn Insurance Professionals we offer trusted carries with multi-line discounts attractive to our customers who will need more than one type of insurance.

Simplified policy management with a single insurer:

Having all your policies under one roof makes it easy to view and change your coverages, review your bills, filing claims and make payments because you can do it all from a single account.

What Insurance can you Bundle?

The most common bundling practice includes auto and homeowner’s coverage, but this is not the only option. Our insurance carriers offer other bundles such as:

- Multiple vehicle auto insurance - Auto and renter’s insurance - Auto, renter’s, and life insurance - Auto, homeowner’s, and life insurance - Auto and business insurance

How much can you save when bundling with Vaughn Insurance Professionals?

Some of our insurance providers offer discounts of up to 25% when bundling several policies. Policyholders also benefit from reduced deductions when they bundle in addition to having a lower premium.

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